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Learn and Grow

At our Learning Center, we are committed to creating an environment that fosters spiritual growth and learning. Whether you're a newcomer to the faith or looking to deepen your relationship with God, our classes and community are here to support you on your journey.

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New Partners Class

This course is for new partners of Paradise Christian Center.  It overviews the church's vision, mission, statement of faith, and history.


Salvation Class

God’s Gift of Salvation is a short read which provides an overview of this incredible gift. In it, you will learn:  What it means to be “saved” What the “Romans Road to Salvation” is How you can be sure of your salvation.

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The Importance of Prayer

The Importance of Prayer is a short training manual on prayer.  In it, you will learn: Why and how should we pray?  What are the types of prayer?  What steps should we take following prayer?  


  • What are some barriers to effective prayer? 

  • What are the consequences of a prayer-less life?  


After reading this manual, you will have the tools you need to begin developing your prayer life. 





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